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Our selection of home Bluetooth cross trainers & elliptical bikes for an interactive workout with mobile apps.

The DKN XC-140i Crosstrainer with Bluetooth offers a full body workout. With its Bluetooth connection, you can connect your iPad, tablet, iPhone to your crosstrainer and use compatible apps for making your workout more engaging and more interactive!

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The DKN XC-160i Bluetooth Crosstrainer is the absolute high-end elliptical machine with an extremely fluid movement (flywheel: 20 kg).

* EXCLUSIVE OFFER: A 12-month subscription to the Vescape Training App is offered to you with the DKN XC-160i, including cardio workouts, HIIT, training stats and a video game which is interactive with the speed and the resistance of the crosstrainer.

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The DKN XC-220i AirTrainer Elliptical Cross Trainer offers an exceptional workout with a smooth pedaling thanks to its 54 cm stride length, its 18 kg flywheel and its curved movable arms. 32 resistance levels, power ranging from 10 to 400 watts, body fat measuring and of course the Bluetooth connection to connect its tablet or iPad.